Tell Me About ADIVA


ADIVA is and has been the leader in PCB Validation ever since our founding over 40 years ago. We found that a Printed Circuit Board designer would minimize problems with their PCB design through software tools used as a post processor to the CAD software. ADIVA could help build the strongest board possible..


CAD software has improved over the past 40 years. However, the PCB packaging is more complicated with design and manufacturing rules becoming more complex and often conflicting. The ADIVA design tools have kept pace with the industry and its requirements. Companies, using the latest technology in design parameters and packaging need ADIVA now more than ever.


ADIVA's Design Analysis software allows you, the board designer, to check your board for possible design and manufacturing problems within seconds. Productivity is increased dramatically with the ADIVA Software.


ADIVA's checks are table driven which make them easy to set up and maintain. Checks as simple as copper spacing to complex analysis of HDI designs, incorporating stacked/micro vias, backdrills and critical net routing are all available to insure a successful design the first time. You can have different values for specific layers, groups of nets, and specified areas within a layer. You could have one set of checks for inside the BGA areas and another set for outside the BGA area. This incredible flexibility provides the capability to check your design with ease and minimize false violations. Once you view a violation, you have the option to accept or correct. If accepted, the violation will not appear on subsequent runs of the board. Violations in need of correction can easily be displayed back to the CAD system for quick repair.


There is even a Quick Check function that scans the design for gross errors that will stop an otherwise great design in its tracks. Quick Check runs in seconds providing results to help ensure fatal errors are rapidly found and corrected.


CUSTOMERS: A few of the companies successfully using ADIVA tools in North America are Broadcom, Xilinx, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Juniper Networks and Cisco. Dozens of customers outside of North America also use the ADIVA Software.


ADIVA virtually builds a printed circuit board using the CAD manufacturing data (not the design data) in software. The virtual printed circuit board is then analyzed for manufacturing and design issues that need to be fixed. Problems can be corrected in minutes not days saving the cost of fabrication and assembly.


INTERFACES are available for CAD systems to quickly extract the necessary data. We have fully integrated our system into the Cadence, Altium, Mentor, and Zuken menus to automate the entire process as well as display any discrepancies directly back into the CAD database. ADIVA is a member of the Cadence, Altium, Mentor and Zuken worldwide partnership programs which allow us to obtain new releases as they become available. ADIVA is also a founding member of the IPC-2581 consortium. Training is free and unlimited for all customers who remain on maintenance.


INSTALLATION is simple and easy. Our software tools come complete and ready to install. You don't need to spend money or time writing scripts or customizing the software to work at your site. All variable data including DRC and DFM checks are table driven and user configurable.


If you would like to send us your design data, we will run a benchmark and email the results back to you. If you are interested, just let us know which CAD system and version you are using - Cadence, Orcad, Altium, Mentor, PADS, Zuken, etc.


Please contact our President John Milks for more information, to schedule a demo, or have ADIVA perform a benchmark.