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ADIVA - PCB Design Validation Tools

ADIVA Announces Version 9.3 for Windows 7 thru 10.

Design validation has advanced another step with ADIVA's newest Release 9.3.  This release includes support for enhnaced Same Net Checking as well as a new Adiva Navigator providing easier access to more enhanced checking capabilities.  

Contact ADIVA's Sales or Support organizations for further details regarding new features and how ADIVA DRC tools can validate your PCB Design efforts.

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ADIVA Announces Charter Membership into the IPC-2581 Consortium

ADIVA is proud to be founding member of the IPC-2581 Consortium, an alliance of PCB design and supply chain companies whose collective goal is to enable, facilitate and drive the use of IPC-2581 in the industry. IPC-2581 is an open, neutral global standard for efficient PCB design data transfer.

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