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ADIVA Announces Version 9.1 for Windows 7 thru 10.

Design validation has advanced another step with ADIVA's newest Release 9.1. This release includes a new interface to Altium Designer as well as enhanced support for Back Drill and Micro-Vias. 

Contact ADIVA's Sales or Support organizations for further details regarding new features and how ADIVA DRC tools can validate your PCB Design efforts.

ADIVA - PCB Carolina 2017

See us at PCB Carolina, November 8, 2017 at the NCSC McKimmon Center - Raleigh NC.

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John Milks, President of ADIVA Corporation, the pre-imminent provider of PCB Design Validation Solutions announced today the Partnership between ADIVA Corporation and EMA Sales. 

"EMA Sales, headquartered in North Carolina, is the perfect partner for ADIVA.  EMA provides World Class Representation focusing on system level products and electronic components. Their technology focus serves the same customers who will benefit most from using the ADIVA technology to build stronger boards, improving time to market and saving money", stated John Milks. 

Dick Butler, President of EMA Sales stated "This relationship reinforces EMA Sales objective to assist customers’ engineering teams to meet Time-to-Market while improving first pass success. We feel that establishing this working relationship with ADIVA both enhances and compliments our long time customer Goals and Objectives.” 

About ADIVA Corporation 

ADIVA is the number one independent tool used by PCB Designers for the validation of their PCB Designs. ADIVA Design Validation Tools will find problems that CAD software, Fabricators, EMS, Engineers and others will miss. ADIVA is an affordable solution to identify and fix potential issues before they happen ADIVA is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain; which provides a low cost of total ownership. Our easy to use table driven solution allow users to be performing DFM and DFT checking within hours after installation 

For more information, please visit our web site or contact John Milks, President at 703-547-9400 x21 or

About EMA Sales 

The company was founded in 1974.  Since then the corporation has expanded from a single location to the seven-southeastern and middle Atlantic states. We differentiate ourselves by taking complete ownership of our accounts. Our Account Managers have the insight to act as consultants to our customers in the development of their product offerings. 

For more information please visit our web site or contact Dick Butler, President at (919) 562-9377 or

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ADIVA Announces Charter Membership into the IPC-2581 Consortium

ADIVA is proud to be founding member of the IPC-2581 Consortium, an alliance of PCB design and supply chain companies whose collective goal is to enable, facilitate and drive the use of IPC-2581 in the industry. IPC-2581 is an open, neutral global standard for efficient PCB design data transfer.

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