Looking for an intelligent, independent, easy to use PCB design and artwork review tool? A wealth of information is derived and displayed from combining Manufacturing and CAD Design data. Highlight nets and net groups to display their routing or highlight components for placement review. With two data sets, different design revisions can be compared and analyzed with differences displayed for easy review.




View one Design over another

Comparison runs in seconds

Graphically shows differences

Easily highlight Design revisions/changes




Component location highlight

Component pinout review

Failed Component locator

Component test pin highlight





Highlight net location

Highlight selected nets. Critical Net(s) Display

Select a group of nets

Calculates true net lengths

Review net topology

Net location highlight by layer color

Trace Signals thru multiple layers

Flip board to view from backside





Expedites design review / Debug prototype assemblies

Combines Manufacturing and Design Data

Gerber, IPC-2581, and ODB++ supported

View artwork with Design Intelligence

Operates independent of CAD system. CAD license not required