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ADIVA - PCB Design Validation Tools

ADIVA is now offering its Design Analysis tools as an Internet Service via our secure Internet portal. The ADIVA tools provide the essential verification step between the CAD Design Workstation and the Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Assembly industry. Our primary goal is to save you time and money. We accomplish this by verifying the integrity of data output from the CAD system - will each circuit card meet the requirements of not only manufacturing and assembly but also the intent of the original circuit design? This task is achieved through several advanced analysis routines, which include . . .



         Annular Ring Plane layer copper clearances
         BackDrill Analysis Copper spacing
         Micro- Via Analysis Thermal pad attributes
         Copper connections Acute angles
         Resist Trap Slivers Unterminated Traces
         Test Point Analysis Stub Nets
         Loss of Net Gnd Reference Wandering Nets
         Net Statistics Critical Net Analysis
         Soldermask webbing Soldermask coverage
         Silkscreen clearances Silkscreen text
         Solderpaste coverage Non-Plated surfaces
         Fiducial Issues Loop Nets
         And many other checks...

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