ADIVA - PCB Design Validation Tools

ADIVA was established in 1982 as a Design Services company. We noticed that some designs had problems in manufacturing and assembly, even though the design had passed all of the CAD system's checks. ADIVA began to develop software tools to catch these problems before the designs hit the manufacturing floor. These tools became so useful that ADIVA demonstrated its capability to prospective customers as part of its "Design a Better Board" strategy. Several of these customers expressed an interest in using the tool themselves in order to strengthen their own designs.

In 1987 ADIVA began marketing the software tools which it had developed. Several OEM's partnered with ADIVA to turn the tools into a commercial package. This was completed in 1992. At this time ADIVA decided to focus exclusively on development and marketing of its design validation tools. For over 25 years ADIVA, in partnership with its customers, has transformed itself into the leading supplier of PCB Design Validation tools in the industry.

The focus of ADIVA is to move beyond manufacturability to validate performance and signal integrity of the Designs. Our partners tell us that signal integrity and signal performance are critical issues for which better validation tools are needed. While our tool set already contains a significant amount of signal integrity, it became apparent that new modules are needed to assure the signal integrity of the design concurrent with CAD design effort.

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